Retrospective referral

I have recently joined Bulb,10 July, still in the processing stage. I have been informed that a very good friend has a referral link, is it still possible to apply this link?



Hi @ikbrunel and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:

Of course, that is no problem at all. We will add retrospective referrals within 1 month of signing up and as long as you signed up via our website and not through a price comparison website/sales agent.

I’m going to email you now to get the details :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your response, I applied direct.

The referral link is: (edited out)

I have responded to your email


Neil B.

Hi @ikbrunel,

I’ve now added that referral :partying_face:

When you have officially switched you will both receive £50 credit automatically.