Reuse old Smart Meter IHD?

Hi guys,

I have an older type SMET 1 meter which has just been upgraded so that we can start using it again.

Can I use the old Chameleon Technology IHD3 that I was given when the meter was originally fitted?

If so are there any special instructions on setting it up.

The theory says that yes, that should start working again now.

Whether practice turns out as well is another question. Also, it will be interesting to see if Bulb can update the IHD with your current tariff details (otherwise it might work but calculate the money spent based on the tariff from your previous supplier).

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Hi @PhilP, I can see that we haven’t yet been able to get through your smart meter readings from your meter, so this is likely why you’re probably not seeing your usage on your IHD at the moment.

I can see that your meter reading intervals are set to daily on your Bulb account, but sometimes this can be set differently on our Secure system, which stops the readings coming through successfully. Do I have your permission to set your meter readings to daily there too, so we can get these smart readings coming through and your usage hopefully showing on your IHD too?

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Hi Lou,

Happy for you to reset them to daily however be honest I haven’t plugged the IHD in yet as there is another issue I am still waiting for Bulb to resolve.

Since going back on to my Smart metrer (Old SMET1 upgraded) the day/night readings have become transposed and it seems that it is taking an age to get a response from Nina or Support to let me know what is happening with this.

Thanks Phil

Hi @PhilP, I have requested this be checked and changed if necessary with my colleague on the Smart team.

With regard to your readings, I have sent a message to Nina letting her know you’ve got in touch and to chase up a resolution for you; I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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