Review of Bulb

My supply started on May 29th and as I have had 2 bills which were each straightforward and in line with my expectations. Whatever Bulb has said it would do it has done without excitement. They are contactable and do respond to emails: My only minor issue is that I fail to understand how it is OK to solicit business quoting rate including Vat but their invoice rates are net of Vat and then they show VAT separately. They maintain this is an Ofgen requirement which I plan to take up with Ofgen. To my mind invoicing with rates including Vat and then at the end of the statement state how much VAT is included in the total satisfies all and was acceptable to HMRC the day Vat was introduced.
This minor issue aside in my 2 months with Bulb I have been given no reason not to recommend them to others


Thanks for the feedback. We want to make things as clear as possible with regards to the billing, when we quote for the business tariffs we do always let our prospective members know what the monthly amount would be excluding VAT as well as inclusive of VAT.

We don’t have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how we structure our bills in terms of what information we show and how we have to show it.

Let us know if you have more suggestions, we always want to be making ourselves better :slight_smile:

My tariff is domestic.
My recollection is on day 1 of VAT being introduced it was permissible to charge the full retail (Vat inclusive if applicable) and at the end of the Bill display the amount of Vat that has been charged by Vat Rate ( 5% or 20% et el). A change to this would allow continuity from requesting a quote to subsequent billing. Changing Energy Suppliers is the most challenging financial matter I have to deal with in my personal life and the reason is the complexity of rates (Vat in or out) and certainly not my ability to grasp spreadsheets.
Till receipts at hand from Aldi, Lidl& Morrisons display a breakdown of incurred by Vat band are they operating outside HMRC guidelines?

Hi @marktarasek

For Domestic Usage this is all charged at 5% VAT.

We include this on your billing breakdown in the "Electricity use in detail " and “Gas use in detail” pages (3 & 4) where you can see the costs before VAT is added and the total VAT on your usage.

We’re open to feedback on how we can make this clearer :+1: