Revised bill following a new meter reading

How long does it normally take from submitting a new meter reading to generating a new bill .
I noticed that my previous bill was based on a incorrect meter reading . I provided a photo image of the correct reading. However although I have submitted new meter readings on 23 Sep and received email confirmation ,when I log into my account it’s still showing last readings as being dated in August 2021.
Does that section not update automatically once the readings are submitted ?
Thank you

Hi @kully, thanks for posting on Community. If you’ve sent us updated readings after we’ve issued a statement, these will be taken into account the following month. But if you’d like me to check your account and make sure that we’ve received your readings, just let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Miriam,
I would be grateful if you could check my account please
Thank you

Hi @kully :wave:

I’m sorry you’ve still not received your revised bill with the readings you submitted.

I’ve got this updated for you now, and you’ll receive the new bill in the next 24 hours :+1:

– Meg :bulb: