my son introduced me to your company but I forgot to tell you when I signed up, can he still get ?


await your reply

nothing to say

Hi barnston

When a Bulb representative sees this, as they have other matters to deal with daily, they will give you an answer.

All the best :slight_smile:


Hi there @barnston no problem, we can get that credit sorted out, as long as you switched over to us through our website rather than through a price comparison site. If you could let us know his referral link, the one you were going to use, I’ll get it sorted out for you both.

Hi, Same think happened to me. I just signed up but for some reason, could not get to use the referral code, thinking the option might come later on. Could you please add this to my account as I have signed literally 5 mins ago. Code is as follows:
I used your sit to join as well.

Hi @Yajur no problem I’ve sorted that out for you, you should get the £50 credited to your account on the day we take over supply