Hi, recently switch to you guys when you had the £100 rewards offer, and also referred a friend. Was wondering how long it’ll take for the initial £100 sign-up with a friends code credit will be put into my account? I know for my referring someone else it’ll be 3 weeks after their switch is complete. Thanks guys!

@Alexj, switches normally take 3 weeks to complete, and referral credit is applied to accounts on the switch date.

If you joined up during the £100 bonus period, you’ll still have at least another week until your switch is complete and you receive your credit.

For your friend, you can track their switch through your MyBulb referral page here.

@Alexj it’s the day that the switch completes (which as @mowcius writes, is usually 3 weeks after they start the switch).

For you, it’s on 11/12.