Ridiculous Bill From BULB

So… since my Smart meter was installed in July 2019 and monitoring weekly useage for G&W (average £30 per week), I have received this beauty from BULB:

“Since 1st June 2019 you’ve used £3,616.78 of energy. Your Bulb account is now £2,881.69 in debit. We’ve attached your statement with more info”


Began an investigation with the help of Bulb (who to be fair have been helpful so far), then received this email for January!

“You’ve used £374.30 of energy since 1st January. Your account is now £3,175.99 in debit. We’ve attached your statement with more details.”

No Bulb, I most definately have not!

Bulb say that when we switched providers in March 2019, the previous provider may have taken an incorrect reading, so we were in effect undercharged, but this does not explain the extremely high bill and the supposed £375 for January…

Serious complaint coming and will be moving away from Bulb as soon as this is resolved. Have never had any issues like this with conventional meters and frankly do not need the hassle and stress!

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Somthing is wrong there. I havn’t got a SMART meter but it is usually the case when you change supplier that you take the readings and give them to the new lot - they pass them to an independant body who verifies them. DId you do this? R-

Yes we did, and provided meter readings since then. I don’t beleive it is from the switch over as the supposed bill from January 2020 is completely wrong. Something is wrong with the smart meter providing incorrect data.

Yip me too. I use less than 400 units a month. This month bulb said I used 6000. Impossible! Me thinks they have hacker.

No. Your meter says you’ve used 6000. Perhaps it’s faulty.

You don’t have a smart meter currently in communication with Bulb. Someone would have had to break into your house to “hack” your meter. Are you aware of any evidence of breaking and entry? Have you contacted the police?

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The meter is outside. So no breaking, refrain from the dramatics. But anyone with an ounce of brain can see I am being defrauded. If I had not picked this up by chance, you bet I would have paid. For 6000 units. I need electricity like I need oxygen. The later being my concern. Please butt out you are talking rubbish.

You’re not being defrauded. A mistake is not fraud.

If you’re worried about being cut off, you wont be. So that at least should relieve some of the worry.


You don’t get it… bye.

If you didn’t want help or advice from fellow customers why did you post on a public forum? Are you aware that unsubstantiated accusations of FRAUD are a very serious matter usually involving the police


Me thinks you need to contact Bulb direct as Bulb employees post quite infrequently on this forum.

Their contact details are on this page: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new



Seems to me that you could have contacted BULB in the time it’s taken you to post twice
Or were you perhaps to busy posting your displeasure on unsocial media or ranting and raving on here

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Hi @Unhappychappie I’ve taken a local at your email conversation with ourselves. The majority of the account debit can be resolved by ‘disputing’ the opening reading from your old meter with the previous supplier and having that opening reading corrected to a more realistic estimate. Your January statement has been billed to actual usage communicated to us from your smart meters, this is separate from the connection to the in home display unit you have. If that’s not showing accurate data please follow that up in your email thread and we’ll look to fix that for you too.