Ridiculous statement corrections

Yesterday, my account had a healthy debit balance of £181 - in the last 24 hours this has now changed to £1440! Numerous statement corrections have appeared. I know exactly how much I should have because I submit my meter readings monthly and monitor my direct debits. I like to have a healthy balance going into the winter months but this is ridiculous.
Is anyone else having this problem? I can’t get hold of Bulb because they can only be contacted by phone Monday to Friday - not good for a utility provider.
I must say though, I have been with Bulb for over 18 months and this is the first problem I have encountered.

A healthy debit balance of £181?

Bulb also have other means of contact, please see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new

As an aside I moved from Bulb about 10 months to a smaller supplier who are available to contact on their chat line 24/7.

Thank you Allnr, I will use those details you have provided.

Most likely the £181 are credit and not debit:)

i`m sure Bulb will take back the donation :slight_smile:

After finally getting in touch with Bulb via their on line chat (unable to speak to anybody), my account has now been corrected. No explanation as to why this happened in the first place though. Very disappointed with Bulb at the moment.

@joan5, sorry you didn’t get a proper explanation of the issue - essentially we received some information through as a dataflow about your meter. This was no different from what we previously had, but for reasons that I don’t know, this was sent through again. When we received this, this updated our system with this new information and caused us to need to reissue your past statements as one consolidated statement.

This no doubt sounds very complicated but the most important thing is that this is all fixed and it definitely shouldn’t happen again, so apologies for the inconvenience.