Ridiculously high expected usage

I have received an email saying bulb are going to increase my monthly bill by over £100 to £173 per month.
There are 2 of us in the house so only use so much has and electric. We have only been in the house 3 months and are already £111 in credit as we pay too much now.
I appreciate winter costs more but it would be 4-5 times our current usage which is bonkers.
I don’t seem to be able to stop them from taking so much either.


I just got the same and im in credit and pay my bills on time, just doubled my DD. this is not on bulb. I’m not happy about this at all. talk about milk us when the chips are down.


Do what so many are doing since this madness was brought in.
Switch suppliers.
I have, it was painless.


Sad thing is just switched gas, about to get first bill. paying 82 in credit 66 now they want 159, i dont really use the gas as i have log burners, and i always pay with top up if not in credit after bill date. tbh i don’t like this at all and i like to manage and be in control of my account, seems they want you to have smart meters for themselves, not so we can monitor and control and question our spend, im very disappointed to say the least, and i think it will be my only option to swap. i don’t understand why i also can simply search for energy provider that shows its charges not what do you use ect, i want to know A unit cost B standing charge seems so difficult to find out unless its me.


Hi @joanne.mc & @richard.evans.home60

I’m really sorry that you’ve both been having a bad experience with Bulb. What I’m going to do is send you both an email and look into your accounts to investigate why we’re suggesting such a large payment increase.

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Can you add my name to the list? Your own statement shows I use £35 last month, when my DD was set to £55 a month. So you want to raise it to £135 a month


Hi Martyn,

Most certainly! I have just sent you an email in regards to this and I eagerly wait your reply. :grinning:

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I’ve just had a similar email, time for a new supplier I think.

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Hi, @Trevor_at_Bulb

My suggested payment is £171.47 a month. I get it to £110, based on readings taken 12 months apart and new rates. Your website doesn’t allow me to set it below about £150. That would probably leave me with a credit or £480 at the end of a year. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

Happy to share my calculations over email. Maybe they can help to fix your system. I’m shopping around so would love a resolution because I like being with Bulb except for this.


I have replied thank you, as this is the first month for gas and i used a whopping £9.36 of gas, most being service charge. & £67.00 for elect. £82.00 a month still covers it, due to the strange billing delay, its taken my account into 7.00 debit, so a soon as site it running, ill pay the 7.00 ish off to balance, then ill top up account, to £100 in credit, then ill accept £100 a month DB, until April, when i will review all usage, expect that to change also, as will be going solar, as mentioned i have 2 log burners that can heat my whole home. So unless i run out of fuel only then id switch to gas or electric. I think the above is vari fair. YOUR HITTING YOUR CUSTOMERS AT A VERY TOUGH TIME. & BULB SERIUOSLY NEED TO THINK ABOUT HOW HARD ITS GOING TO HIT YOU. I may have to leave if i feel to many others are leaving on mass, and i am looking at other provider unit costs. as times are hard and may have to consider a fixed cheaper deal, BG seem to be offering some very good deals.

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Hi @chipsydisco based on the information you’ve provided, your account is currently in debit and as we take payments for the month in advance, should be at least one month’s payment amount in credit going into the winter months, when you’ll use more energy.

We’d be happy to discuss your payments with you over the chat in your online account, or by email to help@bulb.co.uk

£23.75 in debit, so about £2 a month. I’ll email with more info because I still don’t agree with your new figure.

They wanted to change my monthly fixed DD to over £120, which is £30 more than my largest ever mid winter bill. They are trying to bilk their customers for liquidity to invest in other markets.

Hi @chipsydisco - I just had a look and I can’t yet see an email from yourself. Let us know when you’ve sent that and we can look into your payments for you.

And hello @crosi, that is not why we are suggesting members increase their payments - we just want to make sure people aren’t getting into unsustainable debit over the winter months. I’m going to send you an email now so we can go through this in more detail.

Had live chat with someone who wasn’t very helpful. Logged a complaint but think I’ll just switch. At this point it’s the easiest option.
Bulb’s idea seems to be that it’s a bad thing for people to be in debit with you, but fine for them to be in credit. I understand that there is likely to be an increase in missed payments in the next few months due to the economic situation, but for loyal customers whose situation hasn’t changed it seems unreasonable.

Check your last 2 statements to see if they have charged you for August twice. Its what they have done to me.

Sept 5th statement was for Aug to Sept and this months statement is for August to October (2 months). Charging August twice!!!

Do you have a statement correction as well?

i had a strange statement correction. its as if they fudged the numbers to suite & started reading at a made up number, it lost me. ill have to look into the double billing to it show up on bulb account or was it just on your online account. as thats very worrying indeed

Hi @Merle and @richard.evans.home60,

If it says one of your statements was ‘superseded’, then it means that the statement correction has replaced your initial statement, so you won’t have been billed twice. If you’re still concerned about your billing, I’d be happy to take a look at this for you.

AIUI (only ever having had one statement correction myself), the correction is supposed to undo any previous bills that use estimated readings as far back as necessary to get to the last bill based on actual readings. And then you get a new statement that spans the time from the previous actual reading to the new actual reading that you’ve just provided.

The one I had was pretty clear, though I did have to read it through quite carefully to make sure I followed all the steps (and it made the subsequent statement harder to read than usual).