Right meter decision

From most of the posts it seems my decision to postpone my “Smart Meter” install was correct. Enlighten me please,IHD?
And is it correct that once you have an SM you can’t enter readings even if the SM does not work?
Seems like its not worth installation, or am I wrong, help please.

Speaking personally I don’t think you are wrong…

IHD = in home display.
When smart meters are installed the “enter meter readings” button is removed from the dashboard. This happens even if the smart meters are not communicating with Bulb. Then the only way to report meter readings is by email.(although I read another post today from a customer who had succeeded in getting his button reinstated). With hindsight I wish I had put off having smart meters installed until next year.

Assuming Smart meters do work effectively eventually I am still to be convinced of any advantage in having one.