Hi We have just switched to you based on a price comparison site. Your now telling us a rise in November. What a liberty and a con to those who believed in your fixed 12 months deal. May we suggest you take q view on this as you never pass on reductions to us EVER. YOU WILL LOSE OUR BUSINESS IF YOUR RATE INCREASES.


@suite308 We’ve never had a fixed deal at Bulb, we’ve one variable tariff called “vari-fair” that all of our members our on. We cannot offer a fixed deal to any of our members. This is because if the price changes, it has to do so for everyone at once to ensure that everyone remains on the same tariff.

I see you came through Uswitch, I can see that they advertise Bulb’s tariff as below:

If this variable tariff is not for you, you can withdraw your switch on your Bulb account online.

Bulb don’t have a 12 month contract - it’s month to month so you are free to leave at any time (unlike many other providers). Bulb also do NOT charge any exit/leaving fees - so, there’s nothing stopping you, if you are unhappy, from choosing another provider.

They also don’t have ‘fixed’ contracts - it’s all variable rate and prices can go down (as well as up) with at least 30 days notice - although Bulb do tend to provide at least 60 days: giving people plenty of time to move if they want to: and yes, they have had price reductions in the past and passed them onto customers. They also tend to give ‘advance warning’ before the notice as well (“If generator prices remain at or above the current rate, then next month we’ll have to increase prices” etc).

If you’ve recently switched to Bulb (since the 11th of June), you’ll be on the new prices already (if Bulb announce new prices, new customers are automatically placed on them whereas existing customers have the 90 day notice period).

You seem to have a few misconceptions about the deal you signed up with on Bulb - which price comparison website did you use as they may have their facts incorrect.

Bulb have actually reduced prices previously and have committed to doing so again if wholesale energy prices fall by more than £20 per year for an average user.

Its obvs that i dont understand the market but am just off on holiday - expect a full ‘enquiry’ when i return

Just move to a new supplier like I recently have. Despite Bulb marketing themselves as ‘different’ they are essentially the same as others when it comes to price rises. They claim not to like doing it but they cite the same reasons as the so-called big suppliers when doing it.

The email yesterday about the wholesale market warning of price rises in November will mean the third price rise in 8/9 months. Bulb will always claim not to like price rises and keeping them to a ‘minimum’ but the outcome is the same; your bills going up!

In the last price rise email announced in June, Bulb stated that they didn’t plan to Raise prices again soon, yet here we are 2 months later and they are effectively trailing another price rise for November. Telling customers about previous price drops in emails where you are announcing price rises is also of no use and somewhat insulting to
those of us who have never actually benefitted from a price cut since joining, only price increases.

Bulb emailed me yesterday asking me why I was leaving and if there was anything they could be better, so, I’ve replied to suggest that they stop raising their prices. Loyalty is a two-way street and I stuck with Bulb for as long as I could before moving to a fixed rate supply elsewhere as Bulb simply became too expensive.

I’ve kept tabs on a few different energy companies’ price rises since the start of the year and for me personally Bulb’s increases have been the lowest. By a big margin in some cases so that suppliers that were cheaper a few months ago are now more expensive. I’m pretty confident that Bulb will always be amongst the cheaper companies whereas the very cheapest ones will only be so for a while.

The people saying that ‘there are too many price rises’ - if Bulb’s costs go up 1% in April and 1% in November, would you rather have two different 1% rises around those times or just have a single price rise of around 3% in April (as Bulb will have to ‘hedge their bets’ that they may have increased costs later in the year). To me, lots of small price changes indicates Bulb are doing their best to a) keep prices low and b) keep prices reflecting reality.