Rising Energy Costs

Hello, Looking on Uswitch this afternoon there are a number of suppliers that are offering significantly cheaper fixed price plans over the Bulb Vari Fair that we are on. Is there a plan to compete with these prices? A couple of the suppliers are also 100% renewable energy.

I don’t really want to switch suppliers.


Hi @Pete, good question. We always want to be able to offer the most competitive rate, but even then we’re at the mercy of the wholesale market. The flexibility of our Vari Fair tariff also allows us to reduce prices when fixed rates remain at a higher level, but we understand that older fixed-rate offers may be more attractive than what the market currently allows us to offer you. If you’d like to know a little more about how our pricing works, check out our founder’s blog post https://bulb.co.uk/blog/wholesale-energy-market-update-dec

@Pete, out of interest, which suppliers are you talking about which are offering significantly cheaper fixed price plans?
There are always going to be suppliers that offer cheaper plans, but I’d be very wary of their customer service, millions of tarrifs, and hidden charges. They’ve all got to make money somehow; at least Bulb are honest about it all.
When I joined Bulb, Octopus Energy were cheaper for both gas and electricity but looking today, they seem to have far too many tarrifs, all of which are more expensive.

A couple of the suppliers are also 100% renewable energy.
As far as I know, no suppliers offer 100% renewable energy. Bulb and others offer 100% renewable electricity and a percentage of green gas. Even then, there's a lot more to it than just the on-paper percentages.