Rude staff at call centre

My mother recently died and I took over account.
Bulb were only company to ask for death certificate so why are they still sending emails demanding money!!
Then they wonder why I was not to happy when I phoned them up.
Never had smart metre the bill says I do, basicly calling me a liar.
Now been changed on account to meter reading, and I never given them the readings either.

Bulbs operational capability appears to not have processes and systems to deal with anything that goes wrong. Staff not allowed to call you back. Its all automated, no manual capacity it seems. My experience after 1.5 years is that this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Lovely customer service people when you talk to them but the problem is never addressed, they never communicate back, they get the priblem wrong, if tgey act tgey dont tell you and certainly do not show you jnformation so you can see what they have done so no way you can check if they are correct. I feel it is criminal personally