Rufund not being processed

They have over £700 of my money and i have been trying for months to get a refund! And still every month they keep taking more money from me, it’s outrageous! I want my credit refunded!

Ive never been late, not missed a payment, and ive been told several times now that the refund will be put through, and it never is. This has to be illegal!

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Just take matters into your own hands. Firstly cancel your DD - this will trigger a notice on your account saying you need to set up a payment method which you can ignore. Bulb will then reduce your credit balance by the amount of your statement 14 days after due date each month. When your balance is nearly exhausted set up a new DD - this will trigger a notice that you need to set up a payment date and amount which again you can ignore. Bulb will then take the amount owing each month 14 days after statement date using your new DD. If you do not have a smart meter be sure to post meter readings within 3 days of your statement date.

I cancelled my direct debit because I found myself in exactly the same situation. Bulb told me over and over again that they would refund me, but they never did.
I’m trying to pay by bank transfer, but they are making it very difficult. I paid my latest bill by cheque and they pretended they hadn’t received it; unfortunately for them, I sent it registered, so have proof of delivery.
I have raised a compliant with Ofgem, but it takes weeks, so I am assuming Bulb will cut off my supply soon because they are refusing to accept payment by any method except direct debit. I will then try to get connected to another supplier.
I wish I’d stuck with one of the big, openly dishonest, companies.

Hi @mfa - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry you’ve had issues getting a refund. It looks like your estimated annual usage was too high which will have affected how much we can refund, but I’ve now got this updated for you.

To be able to process a refund we need to have received a payment from the active direct debit on your account. I can see these details changed in February, and your next payment is currently pending but due to come through to us on the 3rd March. We have to keep enough credit in your account to cover your monthly estimated usage, so we’ll be able to refund the remaining credit from the 4th March. I’ll set myself a reminder to get that sorted for you.

– Meg :bulb: