Running out of excuses

crude is down, £up, gas down, brent crude is up, don’t think this will affect gas prices, but it might in the world of bulb
Please feel free to jump on bandwagon and add your comments or observations


I’m sure Bulb’s gas price will be reduced any moment now :wink:

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“Soon“ is the word I believe

Pretty sure that’s a trademark term that Bulb owns the definition of.

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I just saw a flock of sheep land at Glasgow airport :money_with_wings:

Just checked at my new eight legged company and their Gas unit rate for the South East is 2.772p, if So.Energy had not recently dropped their price to 2.53p and having received a few referrals, I would probably switch gas to :octopus:, just to have it all with the same supplier and working on our IHD.

Bulb still charging 3.612p is just insulting now.

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Just switched for this very reason. With an elderly parent in poor health we need the central heating on throughout the day and at a comfortable temperature for her which may well average higher than many other users. With other suppliers overall Ca. 5p cheaper for Gas (2.47/16.8p = 19.3p, Vs 24.2 of Bulb) and marginally cheaper for leccy, I had finally had enough, but will continue to hope Bulb reduces it’s prices. Unlikely Bulb will reduce it’s price for Gas before the cold damp weather is behind us I fear.

extremely polite way of putting it

Rip of Britain is alive and well

Not really, is it, in this case? There are other much cheaper gas suppliers than Bulb. Isn’t this in fact a perfect example of a competitive market working as it should?

“Rip off Britain” would be if there was a cartel of energy suppliers all secretly agreeing to charge the same price, which is clearly not the case given the number of cheaper alternatives available.


So they said soon at the start of feb, any news on this reduction? Otherwise think I’ll need to move too :frowning:

Be sometime after they say “very soon” should be about the clock change. Don’t hold your breath while watching this space

Hi all, I can appreciate the frustration waiting for more information on our price changes. We will be emailing all customers the full details as soon as they are finalised :slight_smile:

James W

You are going to notify us by a system that is on the verge of extinction at bulb?

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bulb are going out of business and everyone knows it

You have inside knowledge to verify that statement?

yes i do many thanks

could you please enlighten us perchance, help us make a decision as to wether we go or stay. The silence is deafening. Perchance another poster putting his mouth where his money should be?

Bulbs Gas price is seemingly not competitive but it’s electricity rate seems to be. In my house as we head into the spring We’ll use more electricity then gas - as heating gets switched off. Especially as I no longer have a gas cooker now either. If you use less gas in spring and summer beware of changing out now and paying more overall.

The flaw in that argument being that if bulbs gas becomes more competitive there’s nothing to prevent us from switching back