Running out of excuses

The Electricity rate isn’t far off, but the standing charge is. An additional £30 a year compared with other suppliers.
If you’re a Dual fuel customer, the combined savings are huge.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: pigs might fly.

I think that the many reports on here of bulb hoarding our funds by debiting 30 percent more than the domestic history for a properties annual useage shows that they are hoarding cash (just in case). If they go under with debts, you might be last on the list of creditors to get your balance back from your account, they have run my account up by only letting me reduce my monthly direct debit a bit, now my account is over £1000 in credit, and my money is not protected, it would be if a bank had it. Are they trying to operate like a risky bank, without legally required bank protection for its customers?

Please have a read of as to what happnes to your credit if Bulb goes out of businsess.

Are you meter readings bang up to date and accepted by Bulb on your latest statement? If they are cancel your Direct Debit to enable you to reduce your credit. Problem solved?

“cancel your Direct Debit to enable you to reduce your credit. Problem solved?”
It doesn’t work that way. Bulb have twisted that method around as well.
If you cancel your DD, you will incur extra DD failed charges.
Even if your account is £1000 credit, Bulb will still take the set DD from your account.

The only way is to call/email them and request a full refund of your credit.

The alternative being switch to a supplier that wouldn’t allow this ludicrous situation to happen in the first place

Hi @FrankThomas, I can see that you do have a fair amount of credit built up in your account, but it looks like we haven’t had a meter reading for quite a few months so this could be inaccurate. I’ve popped you an email about your account so we can take a look at what’s best going forward.