Sadly changed supplier can i cancel direct debit

After i pay my opening payment to new supplier can i cancel direct debit as i have enough credit to settle final bill. If bulb take another payment i will just be owed more credit.
Sad to leaving as ive never had any problems and am happy with the service and manageing my own account but im on limited income like so many at the moment and need to save every penny just to keep up. Who knows energy prices swap and change with suppliers and i could find myself back here within 12 months.

I wouldn’t recommend it until the account is closed - otherwise it’ll be difficult for Bulb to refund you any credit owed. You could reduce the amount in “Your Account” on Bulb so if a DD is taken it’ll be for a minimal amount until the account is fully transferred.

yeah good point i need credit refunding

Hi @phil60 - thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving us, but it’s great to hear that you’re happy with the service you’ve received and the ability to manage your Bulb account.

@RichyB is correct that it may be worth leaving your direct debit set up, as this allows us to automatically refund any remaining credit once your final bill has been issued. But if you would like to cancel your direct debit, that’s totally fine too - you would just need to get in touch with us once you receive the final bill so we can issue the refund manually. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thanks can bulb close the direct debit once the account is settled.

That’s correct @phil60 :slightly_smiling_face: