Sadness on leaving

We have now left Bulb due to rumours of its impending demise, after 3 years during which time we have never had any problem whatsoever and saved a lot of money by leaving EDF.

Bulb have settled our final bill In a timely fashion and deserve our public thanks and praise.

The complaints of vastly increased dd were not applicable in our case, we had a very large balance and have been refunded.

Most importantly though we have discovered with our new supplier Octopus that we are going to be paying a lot more for our electricity variable rate economy 7 compared to that we enjoyed with Bulb, on checking Bulbs website out they have now moved to a comparable rate for new customers

As we said in the post title we are leaving with great sadness and maybe one day will be back.

Good luck for the future to all the staff you have been fantastic in our opinion


Personally would have stayed with bulb knowing my credit is protected. I’ve heard good things about octopus though so good luck there.


Good afternoon @misty,

Thanks for your lovely review and we are sad to see you go!

You can always come back…

Just to let you know, we’re only accepting new members over the phone at the moment. :blush: so you’ll need to call us on 0300 303 0635 between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday to sign up to Bulb.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hah, I’m thinking of leaving Octopus and joining Bulb in the coming days…despite of the rumours. You should sit tight and stick with Bulb. Even if Bulb goes bust your credit won’t be lost, you won’t get disconnected and the regulator will choose a new supplier for you. Bulb are the only supplier that is taking new customers at relatively low tariff at these times.

Octopus are disgusting. Dunno how they can be so highly rated. They’re increasing the rates of variable tariff every month without a notice! They just rename your tariff by the month name with much higher rates! Toltally fraudsters! Customer support is totally inadequate if you’re lucky to get a reply. Can’t wait to leave them, even if it’s going to be for a supposedly busting supplier!

@georgitd82 Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Octopus. It’s a tough market at the moment and there’s not that much competition in terms of tariffs, but we are closely following changes in the wholesale market and will pass on any savings to our members as soon as we can.

As my colleague Daisy mentioned, we’re only accepting sign-ups over the phone at the moment, so we can clearly explain our tariff. Please do let us know if you want any more info or support.

All the best – Miriam :electric_plug: