Samsung Energy App - New?

Hey Guys,
Has anyone else downloaded the new Samsung app for their IHD?
I saw the blog post so thought I would give it a go, it’s pretty cool and easy to set up.
I did a bit of digging and found this
Will let you guys know what it’s like after a while .


Yes, connected fine but now keeps saying that IHD is not connected on www, but IHD seems connected. Restarting both multiple times has no effect.

Mine paired no problem, but never gets data. It says getting the latest data, it may take a while please wait.
I have left it for quite a while but it stays at zero.

mine setup no problems and the data is coming through , i read somewhere that it only supports the Vari-Fair tariff, is that what your on ?

Worth double checking your IHD’s are connected to your wifi…

Yes connected to WiFi and pairs successfully. It wont pair until it connected to WiFi.

But never displays data and eventually in the app it says the IHD offline, but if I look on the IHD it says connected under WiFi settings.

Also in the router admin page I an see the Chameleon is connected. Router is also online as I am connected now and typing this.

A reboot does not help but if I delete the IHD from the app and reconnect it will show as online for a while (but not download data) but will always go back offline after a while.

By the way are either @Davino1001 or @phproxy on Economy 7 as this may be part of the problem. I am on E7 or maybe you already had a smarthings hub. I don’t

I am convinced that my meter has never been commissioned fully and this may be causing the problem.

To be honest I would be surprised if anything worked as it should to do with the smart meter it is a compete shambles. Rushing products to market with no proper testing, sufficient resources to manage the change or subsequent comms to keep customers informed is just not a sustainable business model in a competitive market.

Almost every day I am on the verge of finding a new supplier.

Hi PB1001,
I have exactly the same issues as you and am on the Vari-Fair tariff. I tried deleting and re-adding the device in Smartthings but it just connects for a short period time saying collecting data, then goes offline again.
I have an IHD3, and it’s displayed both Gas and Electric data since it was installed.

My account wasn’t showing any smart Gas or Electric readings for about 4 months, then about two weeks ago they started appearing almost daily, then stopped again on the 28th September. The readings and billing are a total mess.

Once this all starts working I hope I’ll be able to pull the readings through WebCore and into Influx/Grafana.

My electric data has now appeared!
Gas still shows as zero though.

Nice work Bulb Devs!

However …
In the Smartthings IDE, no events are listed. So, I can’t see a way yet to extract any data to use in WebCore. I think I’ll try and contact Smarthings support team.

OK, as a positive update, my app has now finally got some data. Seems to give me an total reading by the minute. For me no info on off peak rate so assume that all units are being charged at the peak rate.

That at least tells that the IHD is taking into account the off peak rate and it also tells me that Bulb at some point have sufficient data to at least know what was used off peak and peak.

App is basic but I expect it to improve with time so a good step forward.

Great to hear you’ve all downloaded the App. We’re so excited by this new feature!

We know some homes are still waiting to connect to their IHDs. There’s some guides to quick fixes on our help centre. If these don’t work, our smart team should be able to help you with this too.

There’s more to come with the App. We’ll be integrating our smart tariff and will be able to report on your carbon intensity. This will help you make greener decisions every day.

Smartthings support helped me identify events from the device, so I now have electric data visible in WebCore, and can manipulate it from there. Basically you have to filter to ‘all’, not ‘displayed’ (unlike every other device). Also in the IDE I set the device to have a virtual network ID, and changed the hub from blank to ‘Home hub’. No idea if those steps were required.

The app doesn’t show gas data yet, but I can see gas data in Smartthings. The gas readings are garbage compared to my meter, which may explain why the app doesn’t show gas data.

So I can now graph and trigger actions based on real electric data.

It will be great if Bulb can also provide real time carbon intensity, however, is that so relevant for a 100% renewable tariff?

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This is great to see. Well done Bulb for being Samsung’s first partner on this.

Excellent, I’ve been using smart things for a few years. Time to see what I can do (automatically turn things on when solar is exporting most likely)

Edit: ah so it’s just the meter readings coming through at present? (And not the export registers either). Could it be adjusted to return the instantaneous power through the meter (the now button on the IHD3). That would be much more useful for automating things.

If you use Webcore you can pull a meter reading every time it updates (1 minute), and compare to the previous reading. This enables you to calculate average power use during that minute. So you can’t react instantly, but at least it’s something.

Alas that won’t work for my use cases. I want to identify when I’m exporting and by how much. While exporting the import meter register doesn’t increase but you can’t imply the scale of the net export from that.

Hi Eleanor,

I’m impressed with the capabilities of the app and it is very useful to see such a detailed breakdown of my electricity use.

In common with others here no gas data is displayed. Now that central heating season has started I’d love to get a picture of my gas usage as I feel that heating is somewhere I can really cut energy use. Are the devs aware that gas data is not displayed in this app and are they working to fix it?

ThatGuy, you may already be aware of the options, but you could consider an Aeotec clamp energy sensor. Not 100% accurate but still good. I have been using an EnergyHive clamp sensor which has an api to pull data.

I presume the IHD6 isn’t a drop-in replacement for my old Chameleon IHD supplied by Scottish Power? Is it possible to get one of these new IHDs without having to change the meter again?

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@Eleanor_at_Bulb I too would like to know about this. We’ve got an Elster AS300P smart meter with an Elster AM110R Communications hub from SSE back in early 2018. Would be fascinated to know if you can drop in a IHD6 to replace our SSE IHD (SSE Smart Energy Tracker by STI Philippines inc). They all work on ZigBee, but not sure how you pair an IHD with a smart meter, or maybe your supplier has to?

From reading the pairing process appears to only be possible by a engineer during an appointment.

However, The AM110R supports any ZigBee SEP compatible IHD (apparently). Via, ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1.1b over 2.4GHz to 2.5Ghz.

In theory this may be compatible with the IHD6 as it too supports ZigBee Smart Energy 1.4 over 2.4GHz (and it appears ZigBee has a degree of backwards compatibility).

@Hooloovoo, could you confirm what model your smart meter is, if possible? As you’ve presently got an existing Chameleon IHD. On the off chance it too is an Elster, this adds some plausibility that the IHD6 would possibly work, though…

If it was found that the IHD6 supports for example the AM110R then it would be up to Bulb to schedule an installation of the IHD6 by an engineer.