Samsung equipment

Hi when will I have my smart things set up sent out to my property.

Hi @rikki.s.tainsh

Welcome to community :wave:

Samsung should send you a “redemption voucher” around 10 days after we take over your supply. I can see that we took over your supply about 10 days ago so you should expect the voucher very soon.

Let us know if you’ve not received it in a couple of days and I’ll be happy to chase this with Samsung for you :+1:

Sorry to piggyback onto this thread, but I asked the same question yesterday via email and was told by @nosihle_at_bulb that it takes 6 weeks? I replied asking for clarification, but haven’t received a follow-up. @rikki.s.tainsh, did you get your code in the timeframe advised above?

So far, not the best start to my customer experience with bulb… :roll_eyes:

Hi @paulsmyth259, it looks like my colleague did give you some incorrect information, so I’m sorry about that. You are meant to receive this email from Samsung within 10 days.

I have chased this up with my colleague from our end, even though the email comes from Samsung, so once I have a response I will let you know :relaxed:

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Thanks @Lou_at_Bulb!

Hi @paulsmyth259, my colleague has confirmed that the email has been sent to Samsung from us, so if you still haven’t received anything by mid-next week, let me know and I can get this reissued for you.

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Will do - many thanks!

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Hi @Lou_at_Bulb. Still no email from Samsung I’m afraid (and I’ve checked spam). Any further help appreciated.


Hi @paulsmyth259, I hope you’re well. I have just double checked and we have definitely sent the email to Samsung last week. However, I have just requested this is sent again, apologies for the delay. - Sam

I am the same no code nothing in any email

@paulsmyth259 nothing at all mate same old been told its been sent in an email and nothing

Crap, innit? I had heard really good things about bulb before I switched, but looks like they’re pretty shambolic.

This isn’t Bulb’s fault, it’s a promotion run by Samsung

Try being upset by and having a go at the correct company

  1. Bulb are the company getting my money, and acting as the referring party for this offer.
  2. I don’t remember asking for your opinion.
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your getting it anyway

Hi @rikki.s.tainsh, I have contacted my colleague about your voucher too, to double-check this was sent and if so, to get it re-requested.

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This is a public forum, I’m as entitled as your are to post

I don’t require your prior permission to do so

You are and you don’t,
But perhaps you could post comments that are helpfull and constructive.
Instead of assuming you are right and everyone else is wrong.
I am quite sure bulb are capable of defending themselves

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I do make helpful posts as you well know but in this case I decided to post messages in response to the topic creator in this same manner as how he spoke to me

And my first reply to him was a little bit acerbic maybe but I’m sick and tired of message loud mouth bullies using the same clichéd insults and threats, particularly when this is NOT Bulb’s fault

I’d love to know where I was a bully? (and speaking as someone who was bullied relentlessly as a child, I take particular umbrage at that). Telling you I didn’t ask for your unsolicited opinion? If you tried to do that that in the street people would tell you where to go.

I’d love to know what clichéd insults and threats I used? The only thing I said that could be perceived as an insult were that Bulb have been a bit shambolic so far. Assuming you read all of my posts, you’ll see that I initially went down the email route where I was given incorrect information (6wks vs 10 days). I then didn’t receive a follow-up by email (I eventually did, almost a week later - after posting here), hence coming onto the public forum.

So, shambolic? Absolutely, and I stand by that statement.