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Hi Simmobg,

Thank you very much for your question. In order to use the SmartThings Energy Control Service, you need to be a Bulb customer with a Chameleon Technology CAD (internet-enabled) in-home display. You can purchase a compatible In-Home Display from Bulb which will enable you to see your energy usage data on the SmartThings App and enjoy all the benefits of the service.

Hey @Chris_at_SmartThings and @James_at_Chameleon, thanks so much for joining us here on Community today and for your answers so far!

Some of our members on this thread such as @deborahcruickshank and @TonyDee were previously discussing that they were seeing an Invalid GUID error message when trying to set up their SmartThings - do you have any insight into why this happens and how this could be fixed please?

Many thanks,
Georgie :bulb:

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Hi again Ricky, just to add to why the cad-enabled IHD is so important to enabling the SmartThings Energy control service, which is that it is the only way to make live energy usage available. Without the device, usage data would typically only be available 24-48 hours after the event. The cad-enabled IHD allows the user to get their energy usage updates via the display on the device itself and also via SmartThings Energy control, if subscribed, in near real time. This then allows the user to be able to more practically use the information for energy saving behaviour change.

Hi @GeorgieS_at_Bulb,

Just catching up on that thread. One reason for the GUID not working is because the IHD is from another supplier or from an older meter type.

I will message the users and ask them to privately supply the GUID to me and we’ll check for them.

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Hi everyone. I hope you’re all well?

I’m Nick - I work alongside Chris at Samsung as a Product Executive in the Connected Living Team. We are responsible for the SmartThings app across all of Samsung’s products and services.

It’s great to see your questions and comments already coming in. I’d like to hear if anyone on the forum today has used SmartThings Energy and if they have any further ideas for improvements?

Looking forward to hearing your first thoughts!

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Hi James could you give a bit more detail on this? I feel as though this is something people claim a lot around smart tech but the public are yet to see evidence of…

Hi I signed up through smartthings ages ago and have all the bits but my IHD is stuck on ‘waiting for data’ and its just not connecting. Bulb told me to reset it 1000 times and its right by the meter I’ve done everything I can and am at the final straw. Do you know anything I can do to get it to work please

Hi MariaAnn367,

Thank you for your question. In the majority of cases, this is an error with another element of your smart metering system (your smart meter/s or communications hub), rather than your In-Home Display.

The “waiting for data” message means that there is an issue with your smart metering system and as a result, data is not being sent to your IHD. As your energy supplier, Bulb are best placed to help you with this issue, as only they have access to your smart metering system. Please note that this will not affect your energy supply or the accuracy of your bills.


Hi JackHarney
The research I refer to was conducted in 2018 by an independent body called VaasaETT, an energy research and “think tank”, on behalf of ESMIG- the European Smart Metering body. Based on analysis of 154 projects across Europe, this is the finding we refer to,
“Providing feedback via IHDs leads, according to our database, to the highest savings. This may be attributable to three main advantages of IHDs over other feedback channels: IHDs can act as a constant reminder of energy consumption, reach the entire family - unlike bills, mobile apps and web portals - and can provide additional information via different dynamic menus - unlike ambient displays.”
Further to this though, it has been found that a combination of feedback tools – like our project with Samsung where we combine the IHD and app together – provides the greatest level of energy savings.
If you’d like to chat about it further, please message us privately and our Communications team will get in touch. Thanks Jack.


Can you please let me know how to send you my GUID I have the same problem, it looks my smart meter was installed by a different supplier than bulb

I will send you a private message now.


Hi James,
I have economy 7 tariff. I see that IHD knows when the tariff changes. I have not done any work on integration with smart things ( hoping to start soon when chris sorts out my GUID problem :wink: )
Is there or will there be a chance to actually read what tariff is active, and timings when it changes, IHD tells me when the tariff is about the change,so I was hoping to my hands on that information.

It would help me with integration that at the moment it based on knowing the times( and that changes when DST kicks in)

Hi @Nick_at_SmartThings, any plans on making it easier to export our smart data as CSVs for the amateur data scientists here? :grin:

Hi @HarrisonPurv, Allowing members to fully understand and have access to their data is a priority for us. We are looking at the best way to make this as accessible as possible. Could you give me some ideas on what exactly it is you would like to extract?

@Nick_at_SmartThings I’d really like an API that would allow me to pull an instantaneous read, right now I use a webhook into Home Assistant that gives me cumulative usage and I have to estimate the instantaneous consumption. Overall a lot of us would also like the freedom to do our own modelling and charting on the same data and having an API to bring this into a CSV would give us that freedom - SmartThings displays everything very nicely but right now my information is still trapped in another companies device. So a straightforward export option would be fantastic.

Hi Vitek,

Within the SmartThings app it will show your tariff and yes you can see active time too (you can see how long your current tariff is active for). Combining your question along with @HarrisonPurv comments it would clearly be useful if that data is usable.

Thanks again for taking the time to post here and I’ll reply directly on your GUID.

Thank you @HarrisonPurv for your detailed answer. We really appreciate your time to explain the comments with us.

Hi Vitek, thanks for your question. I think you must be in ownership of one of Chameleon’s IHD3 devices. As you say this offers a countdown to the next tariff based on knowing the duration of the current one. As Chris mentions the same information read from the smart meter is sent to SmartThings Energy Control and can be viewed in the app.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much @James_at_Chameleon @Chris_at_SmartThings and @Nick_at_SmartThings for coming and talking with the community - I hope that you found it useful hearing about what our members think too.

I certainly enjoyed hearing about plans to make smart data as accessible as possible and how IHDs are one of the most effective forms of saving energy!