Samsung Smartthings for existing users?

I am an existing member of Bulb and would like to try the Samsung Smartthings devices offered by Bulb to new users, is there someone to contact that can help

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Do you have a SMETS2 smart meter install by Bulb?

If so, do you have an IHD that has WiFi? Many of the early ones installed by Bulb do not.

Although Bulb Smets2 IHD connect… ish to St i am more interested in saving energy by automating devices with the St hub and plug, new customers are offered the devices, what about existing loyal customers

Sorry, could you clarify that reply? Do you have a Bulb SMETS2 smart meter and WiFi-enabled IHD? If the answer to one or both is no then you’re not going to be able to use Smartthings.

Of course you can use Smartthings Hub and plug without a smets2, you actualy mean you can’t use the St Bulb app if you don’t have a Bulb SM and IHD

St is capable of many things, the Bulb app is just one of many automations that can save power

Add to that the Landis Gyr Smet1 meters ( which i have ) should have been adopted on the 15th to the same system as smets2 no doubt that probably did not happen but hopefully when the Smets1 meters finally come back online to the suppliers network i would be ready to go IF Bulb made available to existing customers the ST offer

As expected, more delays, there goes the 15th

Final Operating Capability (FOC)

  • 26 Jul 2020 - Landis + Gyr (L+G) meters currently operated by either BG SMSO (Smart Meter System Operator), DXC or CGI Instant Energy (IE) and, if directed by Government, the EDMI meter group.

Isn’t that what you meant?

I see now you said,

and fair enough you just said “devices” and not specifically anything to do with smart meters. My mistake. Sorry. However, what are the “devices offered by Bulb to new users”? I’m not aware of anything being specifically offered to new users. Where does it say that? The link to the Samsung store from my Bulb account seems to work, is there something that new customers see that we as existing customers can’t?

I have to admit I’ve not looked at it much, because the page doesn’t load at all unless I turn off my adblocker. I just get an empty white page. If I go into private mode and turn off the adblocker it does load. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

So as I said, it doesn’t work …

is there something that new customers see that we as existing customers can’t?

Unless Bulb add the user email to the Smartthings secondary login page existing users cannot access the Smartthings Bulb page, only new users get access, I thought the days of excluding existing customers had passed, even Sky these days give offers to all

Hopefully a Bulb rep will take note of this thread and report that shockingly existing customers would like to use Smartthings equipment via there offer

When I click the Samsung link from my Bulb account under “Account settings”, I get a brief flash of a Samsung login page and then it auto-refreshes to a shop. The header image says “Samsung Shop for Bulb Members, Exclusive offers and discounts on Smart Samsung Products”. If you can’t see that then it sounds like it’s something wrong with your specific account, and not something broken for all existing customers.

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That does not happen for me, I don’t have any links either in the Bulb app or when logged in via web page, I am not the only one, I know others have same issue as me so I know im not alone, seems the Samsung links only work for new users

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I don’t know how often I have to say this: I’m not a new customer. I’ve been with Bulb about 18 months.

If you don’t have a Samsung link in your account, it’s because something else is broken, not because you’re an existing customer. I’d suggest contacting Bulb customer service and asking them to check it.

Are you smets2 Bulb IHD or smets1 ?

As we’ve discussed, that’s irrelevant for the Smarthings device purchase promotion.

But I’m SMETS1.

Not at all, it could have been entirety relevant as there system may have checked and then made available the link, if you can see the link then as pointed out, I should see the link

Myself and others can now chase this up, it’s good to chat, thank you

You’re welcome. Do come back and say how you get on.

If it is smart meter related, one possible difference is that my SMETS1 meter is readable by Bulb and I’m on their smart tariff. Perhaps it’s not available if they can’t read your meter, but I don’t see why that would be given none of the devices need a smart meter to operate.

Could someone else here with either a traditional meter or non-functioning smart meter confirm they can see the Samsung store via their Bulb account? @FromTheValleys?

I’ve had a scour across, I can’t see any obvious links to samsung. I’m on dumb meters until I’m sure I’ll get a working smart meter.

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Thanks. That must be it then. It must be available only to existing customers with a working smart meter, of whatever vintage. Which is more or less what I said in the first reply to this thread :upside_down_face:

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Or new customers who have a new Bulb meter/IHD installed

Or existing customers who have a new Bulb meter/IHD installed.

It’s clearly not a new customer thing. Not sure why you’re so stuck on that.

Not stuck just clarifying your post with an addition

An incorrect clarification. Bulb install smart meters for existing customers too, not just brand new customers. Better get your installation booked in! :grinning: