Samsung Smartthings for existing users?

I’ve had requests to install a smart meter and I’ve been with bulb for some time. However as I’ve said unless I can guarantee that a meter will work I think it’s around 75% now but if its higher maybe up to 90% I will consider it. But I’m not sure about the agile tariff either.

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Bulb don’t have an agile tariff. They have the smart tariff but that’s only like super-economy-7. And there’s no requirement to change tariff in any case. You’re right, if I didn’t already have a smart meter I would be unlikely to get one just yet. In fact I only got one originally because I needed a double pole isolator installed and the meter tails upgraded, and getting the smart meter installed by Scottish Power was a good was of getting all that done for free.


I do have a worry though that I may be encouraged to go on a smart tariff if I have the relevant meter.

So yeah, I’ll stick with what I have unless my meters die

I think everyone will be “encouraged” eventually simply by single rate tariffs becoming incredibly expensive, whether the customer has a smart meter or not.

I do wonder if this is just a phase though. I mean once everyone is driving electric cars, and running air/ground source heat pumps for heating, there wont be any off-peak usage any more and no point for multi-rates.


I dont seem to have any samsung link on my account and only found out about the bulb customers samsung shop through asking samsung customer services about the ‘Hub and 2 plugs for £1’ promotion. I was more than a little disappointed and somewhat miffed when advised the promotion wasn’t available for existing customers but some good news as discounts were available and given the link But this just resulted in some very colourful language as it told me to enter a valid email every time I tried to access it. Maybe if i contact bulb i could get a response by 2021.

Correct - if you have a smart meter (any vintage and whether installed by Bulb or a previous supplier) you should be able to access the Samsung-Bulb shop by accessing a link in your “Account Settings” section of the website (don’t think there are any links from the Bulb App)

There is an offer in that shop currently which is a hub and two plugs for just under 90 (instead of RRP just under 140).

I think havens was also referring to the new customer introduction offer whereby customers who sign up to bulb via a referral link from Samsung get a voucher which lets them buy the same bundle (from store) for just 1 pound. This offer is only available for customers who’ve signed up to Bulb via that specific referral link and is operated by Samsung not Bulb as far as I know.

Yup exactly same as me, does not recognise our emails on the Bulb sign in part, basicaly we don’t get the £1 offer, I emailed bulb ages ago… give up waiting now

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From what @Paganman has said it seems reasonable for that offer to not be available. If you have to sign up to Bulb via Samsung referral, then that means Samsung get potentially £100 corresponding to the 2x £50 that you and a friend received via the Bulb-operated referral process.

You can’t have your cake and eat it, despite what Brexit-voters tell you! :upside_down_face:

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I don’t think that link to the shop will work anyway - you need to access it via the Account Settings on your Bulb account page - as @hooloovoo has stated previously - if you’ve got a smart meter (of any sort and from any supplier) then you should have that link in Account Settings - if you don’t then that would be a problem for Bulb CS to fix


There is absolutely no mention or links of Samsung-Bulb shop on my Bulb account at all, not on website or on the app, its purely by chance that i found out about it from Samsung customer services after seeing the join bulb via Samsung on the Samsung members app. Searching through Bulb help sections was futile, and couldn’t find anything even hinting about it in the look at us being all amazingly superb doing stuff with Samsung blogs. I’ve only recently found mentions of this store by the happy people in the communities. But now apparently i need to go back to Samsung to try to get past the ‘enter a valid email’ part and access to the store, i’m starting to wonder if its all going to be worth it. Fair enough offering an amazing deal like the £1 smartthings toys to get new customers in through the door but it would have been nice to have found out about the discounts smartthings discounts from Bulb… better still if i was able to access the effin site without going back and forth.

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I got a dumb 1st gen smart meter from previous supplier. Bulb CS said i should contact Samsung :grin: :laughing: :joy: :sob:

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Hi @Stephie

Pretty sure the only way to access the Bulb-Samsung shop is via the link in the Account Settings section after you’ve logged into your account.
The URL won’t work because Samsung won’t know your Bulb account details to authenticate you. For that reason Samsung support won’t be able to help you I don’t think.
It’s also not available on the Bulb App - you can access it on mobile or laptop etc. but only via the Bulb website.
If you’ve a SMETS1 smart meter from a previous supplier, it’s my understanding that Bulb will get this information (not sure how) and should update your account to confirm that you already have a smart meter which would then open up the access to the Samsung store - it sounds like Bulb don’t recognise that you already have a smart meter. Once they correct that then you should get access via the account settings menu…Good luck

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Don’t forget that even if Bulb are reading your existing SMETS1 meter, you more than likely won’t be able to use the SmartThings app integration with Bulb as the SmartThings app needs to connect to a IHD3 or IHD6 which is connected to your home WiFi. Users like myself have a SMETS1 which Bulb is taking automatic readings from, but as it was a SSE smart meter, the In Home Display, is not a Chameleon one, so we can’t use the SmartThings app.

PS, this is why you develop a functional customer API, rather than relying on 3rd party hardware and software. If Octopus can do it why can Bulb not? I mean even Telsa gives customers a complete API for their vehicles and Powerwall 2. So does my cheap Ginlong Solis inverter. It’s not that unusual.

Bulb probably have a whole bunch of internal API end-points that could already be converted with minor authentication checks placed to limit calls to your account only.


It’s quite simply a matter of priorities. Bulb have invested more money in referrals and growing their customer base than they have in developers or customer support. This is now biting them on the ass twofold.

If they had invested sufficiently in developers earlier, they wouldn’t now be in the situation where everything is broken and putting excessive stress on the limited customer support. This isn’t even just smart meters, but the basics of account management. Just how many customers are having to contact Bulb every day now for nothing more than the account login problem, where the fix was supposed to be coming in November very soon™️? And that’s just one example.

Combine this with the insufficient growth in customer service staff in proportion to the size of the customer base, and now they have to very rapidly employ more staff. This results in a huge proportion of the staff being poorly trained and with limited experience, meaning when a customer does eventually get through to customer support they are told the wrong thing and the problem still isn’t resolved.

Ineffective management right from the start.


My previous supplier BOOST installed a SMETS1 Secure Liberty 100 smart meter but isn’t readable by BULB so I do have to give the manual readings. I did get a Chameleon IHD3-CAD/CA30201 with the BOOST installation and gave me the usage and credit info but since switching it has become useless in every way, its on my WiFi but I can’t connect it to smartthings. I don’t know if this one could have some update to be any use with bulb but it seems to be completely different from any guide I find. It’s frustrating but I guess all I can do is wait. On the plus side looking at my account predictions yesterday based on the previous usage and getting my bill today shows I paid half of the amount I paid 12 months ago with BOOST.

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I also have this type of meter, the IHD is now at the back of a drawer, it had become another dust gathering useless ornament.
The target for updating this type of meter is backend of July
But I live more in hope than expectation


There seems to have been some update somewhere because checking my account today noticed an option for smart meter readings frequencies and my ihd3-cad is showing readings, costs, etc… so it appears to be reading the meters and updating. My bulb accounts readings section has last entries as ‘smart’ so its looking good… now I tired updating smartthings and I get error for invalid GUID so still can’t add my IHD3-CAD CA30201. I thought I was there, so close to adding my smart meter info in smartthings after a year being with bulb, just feel like its taunting me now and I wanna cry

Hi @Stephie, unfortunately, the SmartThings app requires a Chameleon-brand IHD to work, so unless this is what the supplier who installed your smart meter gave you, that will be the reason that you’re experiencing this roadblock unfortunately.

However, I’m glad we’ve been able to get your smart readings through and that you can view your usage on your IHD :raised_hands:

OK so this IHD i got from the supplier who installed the meters is a
Has no battery so only runs on mains but does connect to WiFi. It appears to be the same as the black IHD3 on the guide and setup instructions. Just when I try adding it to smartthings I gets far as entering the GUID 0C-A2-F4-00-XX-XX-XX-XX and I just get invalid GUID and can’t progress past that.

Hi @Stephie, thanks for confirming. In this case, it sounds like your IHD is incompatible, even though it’s the right model, due to your meters being first generation (SMETS1) smart meters.

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