Samsung SmartThings with BG SMETS2 meter


I am a new Bulb customer, and I have a SMETS2 smart meter and Geo Trio II IHD installed by my previous supplier British Gas. I was wondering if it will be possible to use Samsung SmartThings to view my energy data?

Hi @paul.e

You need to have a SMETS2 meter and a Chameleon IHD to pair the SmartThings app to your IHD to see detailed, real-time energy usage info on their smartphones.

I am not familiar with this IHD, is it a Chameleon one?

We have a help centre on all things SmartThings here

Let me know if you have any other questions :sunny: :wave:

Thanks for the reply Mel. So I don’t have a Chameleon IHD. I have the display in the link below:

In this case, would it be possible to get a new Chameleon IHD from Bulb, even though I already have a SMETS2 smart meter from my previous supplier British Gas?


Hey @paul.e - unfortunately we can’t provide IHDs for smart meters installed by other suppliers right now - I’m really sorry. :frowning:


Hi Georgie,

That’s a shame but no problems at all, thanks for letting me know. Just as a piece of feedback, you should probably be clear about this in the banner adverts in the SmartThings applications. Particularly as these Geo Trio II IHDs are being provided to customers from the likes of British Gas, EDF, SSE and SOEnergy.


Hi @paul.e

Thank you for your feedback. It is a real shame :frowning_face:

I have passed this onto our comms team. Yes, as you said, it is a problem that will affect a lot of people.