Samsung - switch to bulb and get smartthings for £1 - but no redemption code?

I got an email from Samsung, I signed up to bulb but never got a redemption code…
anyone else with similar experience?

Hi, switch to Bulb, claim £139 worth of SmartThings products for £1

  1. This offer only applies to new Bulb members who have signed up to Bulb via, and switched their energy to Bulb before 31 March 2020. Once they have switched they will be sent a redemption code via email. The above redemption code may be redeemed one time only via

Hi, I would like to know the same I have no code or any idea how to get the items???

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I got an email from Samsung about a week or so after my switch completed (which was 3 weeks after I signed up). The email had the redemption code in it.

If you completed your switch more than 10 days ago then it would be worth checking your spam/clutter folders for that email?