Sasmung Smartthings

Hello Everyone,
I signed upto bulb and Joined on the terms that I would be getting the samsung smart things, I came through to bulb via the samsung referral page. (via my phone app “samsung members”). I have yet to see any email regarding me getting my smart things product. To be honest after reading all your guys issue’s I’m not even sure if i’ll be staying with Bulb XD.

Can anyone help me claim my smart things product, how do I go about getting it? I have checked my spam, junk and inbox and have no emails relating to this.

Many Thanks

With me there is a link on my Account page of the Bulb website. But I’m pretty sure that only appeared after I’d had my smart meter installed.

Hi @tomprocko1989, I can see that you signed up with us through a Samsung affiliate link. You should receive your voucher from Samsung about 10 days after we took over your supply, so key an eye on your email inbox for that.

I have kept an eye on my email inbox/junk/spam, i have nothing. Samsung say im waiting for a link from your guys and you guys tell me im waiting for a link from them…all I see on the samsung member page is issues regarding this.

@tomprocko1989 I’m sorry you’ve been passed back and forth. The voucher should come through within 10 days of the switch and it’s still been less than that. Do let us know if it’s not come through by then :+1: