Save energy by throwing away the IHD (in house display unit)!

I notice that the In-House display unit draws just over 50mA of electricity. While that doesn’t sound much, it equates to 12W which in a year will cost around £20!
Mine is now binned!

Now I am wondering how much power the actual smart meter uses. There’s a lot more circuitry in it plus it transmitting via mobile phone network etc. I wonder which side of the meter it’s drawing power from, ie: am I paying for that too?

Probably, unfortunately it’s not really practical to bin the meter, otherwise we would all do it

I actually wanted the meter itself, as I plan to move to an “agile tarrif” that allows you to use power when it’s really cheap, or even free, if you can avoid the peaks.

Hmmm something not right here. The 5V transformer gives the IHD at most 2.5W (5v@500mA). If the transformer is giving away 9.5 watts in heat, I’d imagine it would be quite hot, yet it is cool to the touch.

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It’s must be 50mA on the 5V DC side. So about 1mA on the mains side, quarter of a Watt. About 2kWh a year, or 30p at most. Probably more losses in the PSU than the IHD is actually using …

Good point. Checked it again with more accurate meter and it seems to drop down to 5mA (240v ac) fairly quickly once the battery is charged.

So cost for year is actually not much, eg £2! :slight_smile:

Also the smart meter roll out is now supposed to be costing £13Bn plus of course annual cost to support and upgrade it.

For the same money we could have all owned a share in four or more offshore wind farms keeping our bills down rather than pushing them up.

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