Scottish Gas faulty Gen 1 smart meter

A Few months back when this Corona virus lock down happened my 1gen Scottish gas smart meter developed a fault. My readings started to go through the roof. All the readings are random numbers some as high as 110 units down to 2 units per day. The units are even increasing during the night when no appliances are getting used. Sometimes it can be as high as 30-60 units during the night. I have been taking pictures of the readings every morning & night for reference in case I need to fight this one.

I have been in touch with Bulb regarding this problem at the start of it all. I wanted a meter accuracy test but was told this cannot be done due to social distancing at this current time. Bulb said in an email that they would be back in touch when the accuracy test can be done.

In the meantime my units are increasing daily by astronomical amounts & this has me very worried. As the units vary from large amounts to small amounts What would happen if the meter gets tested & it is only out by small amounts on the day of testing. I also have noticed when it is cold during the night with no appliances on the units are increasing by larger amounts.

I have done some research & it seems the internal battery is low which is causing this malfunction( small b in on the display on the meter). I wonder if anyone else has come across this situation?

The meter has been checked by SGN for any gas leaks. No leaks were found. The engineer did notice the small b on the display & did say it looks like a faulty meter but needs to be independently checked.


I’m very sorry for this stressful situation. I’ve sent you an email so we can discuss more your specific case.