Scottish Power do NOT acknowledge Bulb when switching!!!

I switched to Bulb Energy recently from Scottish Power. In my experience Bulb are fabulous in every respect. Scottish Power NOT so. While I was switching on my online Scottish Power account they referred to Bulb as Regent Power. Regent Power is a very old name for Bulb, showing on their licence when the company was first formed.
I had to google this as I thought Scottish Power had made a mistake.
So, Scottish Power don’t even have the balls to acknowledge Bulb as a genuine competitor calling them Regent Power instead!!. How disgusting!! The truth is, fairly soon, Bulb will be a major player in the energy market because of excellent customer service. They already have over a million customers. Shame on Scottish Power!!! Do any Bulb representatives have a view on this???

@ky326vvb, I believe they’re now either very close to or just over a million customers.

They’re the 8th biggest energy supplier, just Ovo and the big 6 ahead of them.

I think most people who’ve been with Scottish Power have a horror story or two (myself included for the 14 days I was technically with them).

Have a look at Scottish Power on Trustpilot. 0…5 out of ten!!! Every review is BAD. You’ve got to laugh otherwise you’d cry!! How on earth do they still hang on to FIVE MILLION customers??? I suspect that figure is slowly REDUCING!!

To give some balance … Scottish Power were no problem whatsoever for me for the 12 years I was with them, and my switch to Bulb went without any problems. Even my smart meter installations went without a hitch, although they were never able to display usage information on the website, they were always “working hard to fix it”.

Having said that, I doubt I would ever switch back to them not only because of course they are more expensive, but I suspect I was just lucky and wouldn’t be anywhere near as hassle free second time round as a new customer!

Regent power was what bulb originally had named themselves I think.

I had been with Scottish Power for possibly 20 years, not bothering to change supplier but when I did both Scottish Power and Bulb kept me fully informed throughout the process. Only difference I have found between them is one only increases it’s prices never seemed to lower them, thanks Bulb