Seamless? Not quite. Non existent customer service

Had 2 smart meters with British Gas, Bulb supposed to change me to them on 7th August. Gas prepayment meter runs out a week later. “Faulty meter” says Bulb and change it, but only to a prepayment meter, although I pay by direct debit.
Now Bulb won’t change my meter to credit as they haven’t changed my gas supply to them, and British Gas won’t as they didn’t install it.
I’m disabled and facing the weekend with no hot water or heating. Bulb couldn’t care less. Any ideas anyone?

Hi @grees00

I’m really sorry to see that you’ve had such a difficult time with your switch. We want to help in any way we can, but it is the responsibility of the current supplier to replace the meter.

As British Gas are supplying, you need to raise a complaint with them to have the issue resolved. I appreciate this is not the answer you want to hear, but our hands are tied given we are not your gas supplier. There is a complaint open on our end as well, and it is best to carry on conversations with us there.

Why did you change my meter already if you weren’t my supplier?
And you should have become my gas supplier at the same time as my electricity, or is that someone else’s fault too?

Hi @grees00,

I’m truly very sorry for this experience.

I can see that you have an open complaint about this with us. It is best to keep everything there as if you do choose to escalate this complaint further it is all in one place.

Also CJ is correct, as British Gas are the supplier they are the only ones who can rectify this current situation. I would recommend raising a complaint with them to get it sorted.

I have, currently having the buck passed to and fro between you.
All of the failings are on bulb’s side, not British Gas. I wish to God I’d stayed with them.