Second home

I have 2 homes and just signed up for one of them. Can I refer myself for the second one?

@Windcaid, as much as you probably could create a second account with a different email and address details and refer yourself (and collect that sweet referral bonus), I suspect it would be considered bad form. :wink:

If you want the properties accessible from the same Bulb account (so you don’t have to log in separately), I don’t believe you can refer yourself (for good reason).

Hi there @Windcaid actually in this case we are fine with you referring your second property from your first one. Sometimes our system has trouble processing this, so you can always ring up and make sure it’s gone through, but it should be fine. Essentially, we just love referrals!

I am in the same situation. Two totally different properties - one is my home and one is a rental property but the rental property is already in my name. If I refer myself, can I use the same name and email address? or do I need a different one?

I set the 2 accounts with different emails, mainly so I can easily differentiate between them and it’s simple to keep track of the 2 accounts which I receive separately via email. Apart from that, it’s been working seamlessly…Thanks Bulb!

Hey @erm2rude

If you use the same email address, just let us know and we’ll credit the new property with £50 :slight_smile:

Thanks very much I will do that now. Shall I let you know via this forum?

Thanks very much I will do that now. Shall I let you know via this forum?

No, you ned to contact Bulb direct, their contact details are on the Help page (click the Help button at top of this page).

It isn’t very wise to share any personal information on a community forum.

I registered a second home following the advice given on this thread and having contacted Bulb support have been informed that this is no longer the case. Be warned, Bulb WILL NOT give a referral credit on second homes; they did in the past but as of December 2019 this is not the case.

Also just finished the migration to suddenly have the bonus removed.

I’ve emailed them but had no response so I am now moving all my properties over to Octupus.

I don’t appreciate just having someone change the rules, or go against what has been previously said without notice or advice. Especially when it’s made to look fine until after the cooling off period.

Not cool, just lost multiple properties of mine

I’ve just checked archived copies of Bulb’s T&C and the referral of second homes was removed at least as early as 27 January 2018.

Do you have information to contradict the above?

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