Second meter installation

I need a second meter installed for electricity supply to a different part of my property. How can I arrange for this to be done?

Lots of info in the help section. Better to check there first rather than asking here.


Installing a new metering system: £120.

You may have to liaise with your DNO first in order to get the actual supply installed, ready for Bulb to connect up a meter. I’m not sure if Bulb will handle that for you. Bear in mind that the cost above is just connecting up the meter. If you need trenches dug first to install the cable the total cost will be significantly more.

I have been searching for days, using as many different ways of asking the question as I could think of! Clearly my imagination is very different to that required to navigate the Bulb help pages. I will look at the link you provided - thank you. I have the supply, I just need the meter.

Well, the link worked, took me to a page where it listed all sorts of meter services, including installation of a new meter for £120, and listing a phone number to call to make the appointment. Phoned, held, waited… Very helpful CSA tells me that Bulb don’t install new meters. I wonder why they list it as a service?

My guess would be that it’s because the very helpful CSA wasn’t very helpful and just gave you the wrong answer. Seems to happen an awful lot with Bulb, based on the frequency of similar complaints on here.