Secondary email address

Hi, is it possible to add a second email address to which bills can be sent to?

@AR1, I’d suspect due to how the systems are set up with your account details being linked to your supply address and email, the answer will be no, but most web based email services have an auto-forward option that you could set up with a filter to send Bulb emails along to the other email address.

Are you wanting to have bills sent to more than one member of the household for visibility?

@AR1 yes, that’s no issue. Can you email us at at, CC the second email address, and ask for both email addresses to receive statements?

The second email address will receive statements marked as ‘copy’.

Note that if the second email address belongs to another person, and you want them listed on the statement, they need to confirm that this is okay by them (which they can easily do by responding to your original email, which you CC’d them into).