Secure Libery 100 SMETS1 DCC Upgrade

I’ve received an email saying that my SMETS1 meter software is being upgraded to enable it onto the DCC network.
I am assuming that this has been done but now my meter is not reporting my usage data to Bulbs website or the app.
The meter has a strong connection to WAN (5 Flashes then pause)
The last time my meters reported any usage data was Jan 25th

Hi @SilveRxMafiA

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

I can see your smart meter is enrolled okay and is sending us regular readings, we are getting them pretty frequently so I am happy with how those look.

With our Bulb Account usage graphs, it can take a little while for the data to show and they are still in beta mode so are not operating at their full capacity yet. This is something our smart team is working on though.

Did you still have your IHD ?