Seeing my actual use?

So I am now paying £130 a month for a small two bedroom semi detached bungalow. This is for electricity only as we have oil heating.

I have logged in and looked but I am struggling to see what our actual monthly use/cost is and what element of that £130 is arrears from earlier in the year. Can anyone help?

Get yourself a spreadsheet setup with a simple lookup table for the tariff rates ie Day Night Standing Charge and VAT like this

and take monthly meter reading and enter them each month!

Its the only and easiest way to work out your energy useage

I have a large 2 bed flat and electric sotrage heaters on E7 and use less than £50 a month but all my bulbs are led low energy and i have trimmed all my energy useage down - only use hot water when i have a bath as i have a vented cylinder boiler - who says modern combi boilers are great are mad - the old 60’s boilers save far more leccie.

Smart plugs control all the lighting and tv etc and i still use less than £50 per month
You cut your cloth to fit your pocket

Hi @Kingseat,

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I can see that your payment was increased to adjust for arrears in the account that have built up over time (some months your payments weren’t covering your usage so a debit accrued) and to account for increased winter usage.

If you want me to go through this further, let me know and I can send you an email where we can discuss more specifically.