self referral?

I’m moving house and so I have to end my bulb account for this house and get a new provider for the new house. I’s there any reason why I can’t refer myself using the refer a friend link?

You’re allowed to self-refer multiple properties that you own.

I’m not sure how that plays out if you never technically own both properties at the same time. Generally when people move house everyone in the chain completes their contracts on the same day.

I think if the aim is to incentivise people to sign up with bulb then this would work for me. I won’t even shop around if there’s a £50 sweetener on the table…

I think you’ll be lucky to get it. In the past I referred my friend who was living in a rental property. The landlord sold and he moved to his sister’s very briefly while the purchase of his new house went through. I referred him again, for his new home, but bulb considered it a house move as there was only a couole of weeks between properties. I have emailed they but am awaiting a response. He only signed up again for the referral reward, he couldn’t have gone elsewhere for much the same cost. I was also irritated as I considered it a genuine referral given the gap between accounts. To rub salt in the wounds it was the only referral I managed to make during my double referral week / anniversary!