Sent 2 emails over the last month with no reply

I have an issue with an incorrect meter reading when leaving my last supplier. This was acknowledged by Dania on 12.11.19…

Nov 12, 17:19 GMT

Hi Aiden,

Thanks for letting us know.

The reading for the picture you provided is 28608.

This means the first reading we have is incorrect.

We have just started a dispute process to get your opening readings with us corrected. We will now get in touch with your previous supplier to let them know the readings that are currently being used to close your account with them and to open your account with us are incorrect and we would like to get them changed. This might take a few weeks based on how fast they get back to us, but once resolved, you will receive a revised final bill from your previous supplier with the correct readings.

During this dispute process, we will put your billing on hold until your readings are corrected. After the new reading is agreed, we will issue a revised bill for the whole period since we started supplying you, taking into account the new opening read. This will make sure that your account is up-to-date and you are only charged for your actual usage.

We will still continue to take your monthly payments to make sure that you won’t run into debit in the meantime. You can always change your payments on your Bulb account if you prefer to do so under “payments & statements”.

If you have any questions or would like an update, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,

I have since sent 2 emails asking for an update and received no reply. Meanwhile I’m getting large demands from my previous supplier and also Bulb both of which are in all probability incorrect. Can somebody please do me the courtesy of actually replying to my emails and letting me know what is going on?

try live chat or phone, does say it could take a few weeks as your readings are sent to an independent company for verification