Seriously ,What is the incentive to stay?

This is just a general inquiry as I am struggling to find one

Cheapest alternative 12 month fix is over a full penny cheaper on gas and over half a penny cheaper on electric. If I was a heavy gas user it would be a no brainer on top of that the standing tariff is cheaper also

The only reason I see to stay is the referral payments and tbh I have run out of people to ask,One switch is completing in a few days another is on hold due to an address issue with the meter database

Bulb have spent an absolute fortune building this massive userbase, how many of it are they prepared to lose by no longer being even nearly competitive do you think


Surely you are able to work out if it is brighter on the other side?

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I completely agree - I love the green ethics of Bulb, but they are waiting too long to reflect the reduced cost of wholesale prices. I am getting daily alerts from Uswitch and can save almost £300 per year with EDF and I am just about to press the button!


Surely you can read my post and see for yourself I am not asking for a maths lesson

The electricity for me is not enough of a difference to make me go. The gas would be if I was a heavy user but most the year my gas charges are negligible


I think the point Allanr is getting at is reflected in your next post. You don’t need a maths lesson, and the savings from switching aren’t that great for your area and your usage profile. So what question are you really asking? What incentive are you looking for? Switching is usually driven by the newer supplier being better (for some definition of better) not because the current supplier has provided insufficient incentive to stay.

I switched my gas away because it saves me over £150 per year. My electric is still with Bulb because it works out the cheapest for me based on the smart tariff and my usage profile.

I assumed your opening post was rhetorical, because if it’s cheaper for you elsewhere with an equivalent green tariff then there is no incentive to stay. I’m struggling to understand what discussion you’re looking for.

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Yes I read your post and wasn’t really sure as to your question.

I didn’t need to ask anyone else when I decided to move from Bulb to another supplier also with green credentials.

I took various factors into consideration, one of which was the fact I could save £153 in moving from Bulb. The other factors I assume you will have some idea about as you have posted about these in these in past.

I guess I was mistaken in thinking my post was quite clear. Nevermind lesson learnt

Let me simplify the question .

Why are people staying with bulb. What reason do you have not to switch. Not what reason have you had to switch.

That simple enough?

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah :rage: :rage:

Ok, that’s forming the question in the opposite way to what you said originally. No wonder we’re all confused.

The same reason so many people have never switched. Inertia. Can’t be bothered. To much effort. Fear it might go wrong and cause a load of hassle. Those are the most common reasons.

For me personally, the reason my electric supply is still with Bulb is because they can read my SMETS1 smart meter and bill me on a 3 rate time-of-use tariff. Nobody else can do that without the hassle of replacing my meter again, and so Bulb works out the cheapest for me.

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Ok, that’s forming the question in the opposite way to what you said originally. No wonder we’re all confused.

Means the same thing as the original question to me @Hooloovoo.

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It may well just be me. To me, a reason to stay is not quite the same as a reason not to leave.

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If another supplier is cheaper there really isn’t an incentive to stay unless that supplier doesn’t have green energy

Bulb seem to have depended on customer apathy this winter to keep customers even though they aren’t competitively priced along with repeated promises of pricing news coming “soon”

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.James seems to have substituted “quickly” for “soon” perhaps this is more precise :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have seen your posting style. You like to be difficult :wink:

a reason to stay is not the same as a reason not to leave. Seriously? as I said difficult

I’m not difficult I’m just autistic. Be clear. Be precise. There’s no need for ambiguity. Your OP has four paragraphs when six words would have done - “Why do you stay with Bulb?”

Your question is worded like you’re asking us to tell you why you should stay. Seriously, how are we supposed to know? What you said sounded rhetorical to me because it’s quite obvious from what you said that you should switch.

Anyway, I believe I’ve answered your question in this post so I’ll leave you to your discussion now. I wont feel too bad because at least I’m clearly not the only one that didn’t understand exactly what you were getting at.


I can understand you simplification of your original post, I have reread your initial post a number of times and it wasn’t really asking a question the only clue was in the subject line.

The only reason I can see not to switch from Bulb is to keep making money from the referrals.

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wow you say no question in my post then site the subject line as the only clue . Well read that subject line. Its a question. The clue is in the question mark

Total waste of time me asking this. More fuss was made about my post formulation than answering the question in the SUBJECT LINE that you appear not to be able to see

Your original post wasn’t asking any questions, the only clue was the subject line?

Putting that to one side I answered your question as to why some may wish to stay with Bulb, which I said was to grab the £50 or so referral. Which from your original post seems to be similar to the reason you are currently with Bulb?