Seriously ,What is the incentive to stay?

Reason to stay.
To annoy the hellout of everyone.
Reason to leave.
I have run out of everyone to annoy the hellout of.
i shall leave you now. But as the man keeps saying, “I’ll be back”.

as collectively they gasp in exasperation!


I understand what you are trying to say:
I have found Bulb to be good energy supplier for many reasons but as of today they are overpriced. I do not want to switch (EDF being the best choice) and if I knew that Bulb would be reducing their gas prices over the coming days I would stay.
I have emailed asking this question but had no reply.

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Well Bulb have posted that they will be reducing Gas prices soon. Just waiting for Winter to be over. :slight_smile:

Why do you think EDF is the best choice? Certainly not on price grounds.


Their fixed price tariff is fairly competitive, may suit the op best for his/her needs.
Apart from that I couldn’t recommend them, going on past experience.

Quite right. Exactly so.

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Over a week later and still no announcement from Bulb regarding the gas price drop.

I guess winter isn’t over yet and they want to continue to screw their customers for as long as possible.

You are free to stay, free to go, the choice is yours

I don’t see the relevance of you posting regarding the possibility of any price reduction.

It is so simple these days to compare Bulb with other suppliers regarding their prices and green credentials and make up you mind whether to switch or not.

I had some allegiance to Bulb during my 20 or so months with them but the temptation of being able to save £150 per year was too great and I switched suppliers last month.

Not too bothered with prices just the facts that I can’t use my IHD and have NEVER had a reply to an email.

By a similar token I’m not bothered at all about a non working IHD as I am one of those customers who have no interest in wanting to have a smart meter. I’m happy to provide monthly meter readings (even though these are to another supplier) and at the same time save £150 per year.

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I too could now save over a £100 by switching away from Bulb.

But Bulb have announced that they will be reducing their gas price “soon”.

I would rather stick with Bulb, (I have had no problems with them) but feel I will have to switch away if the price reduction is not announced in the next few days.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is seriously considering switching away from Bulb.

I also have had no problems with Bulb during my 20 or so months with them, in fact I contacted them via their chat line yesterday and had a response in a couple of minutes and my query resolved just a couple of minutes later. From the time I joined Bulb they always used to say they would hold off increasing their prices whenever possibly and by a similar token reduce their prices when wholesale prices reduced, I think they used to quote when the saving to a customer would be £20 per year. I think the last price decrease was in March 2019, in the meantime other suppliers have reduce their prices?

Other suppliers have slashed their gas prices in that time, although Bulb do remain competitive on electricity.

In my area, Bulb are now about 50% more expensive on gas compared to some of their rivals.

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The supplier I have moved to was also cheaper than Bulb for electricity.