Set start date

Hi Bulb, I would like to switch to your service on 1st November of this year. Can I provide payment details for you to take the first payment on 31st of October? Also, can you notify my existing supplier prior to the change over date so that they can prepare my final bill?

If your not already in the process of switching you won’t be able to start on the 1st November as it takes about 21 days for the whole process. First payment is taken a day or so before the 21 days are up.

Bulb ask for a meter reading a few days before you switch which gets sent to the supplier to sort the final bill out.

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Hi @corrie - it does take 21 days to switch your energy supplier as @tom6685 has said.

This includes a 14-day cooling off period to allow you to change your mind. We have an article here with more details of the switch if you’re interested!

Thanks Tom, All done!

Thank you Matt!

Thanks Tom, All done!

Great thank you very much, hope it all goes swimmingly for you! Sure it will