Setting correct time date for smart meter and is it reading electricity correctly

I have lost the leaflet that came with meter and the clock is wrong and it’s giving past figure for February when it was installed in April! I can’t see anyway to change it? I’ve gone through the process of connecting to WiFi and I got the bars for the internal network to appear but not the WiFi connection bars., so maybe the date only updates from WiFi signal? I have been told th gas sender won’t be fixed until late this year so it’s just electricity I’m supposedly getting a reading for but I’m not sure it’s working should it change right when you turn on a high power item like a toaster or oven?

Ok found instructions and bizarrely the WiFi signal is the network bars on the display and the local network from the senders is the WiFi symbol? So it seems my senders aren’t working at all!

My smart meter is showing an incorrect time. How do I change the time?

The equipment obtains the time of day from the network and you can’t change it. If it is incorrect it indicates a fault which you need to report to Bulb.