Setting up Variable direct debit

Hello, last month I spoke to someone on bulb chat to set up variable DD rather than have fixed DD. I’m not sure if my account has been changed ?? I received a bill statement on 3rd of May,how long does it take to come out my account because I’ve just topped up my account to bring the balance to £0 as I was worried I would get missed payment fine

If you’re on variable DD, the billed amount is taken after 14 days. It will say this at the bottom of page 1 of your bill as well as the amount. If the amount shown is the same as that billed, that’s your confirmation that you’re on variable DD.

Yeah just seen that … thank you. What happens if I already just paid the amount now as I didn’t know payment happen after 14 days ? Will I get charged again :confused:

It may be too late to stop that DD - I don’t know how Bulb’s system will see your payment. If the amount is still taken by DD, your account will then be in credit which will be used to pay or part pay any future bills. I appreciate paying twice may not be good for your cash flow :disappointed:

I did this recently, after a fight, and it is the best thing to do as you can really see what your costs are. The downside is not building up the credit balance, but I would still rather have my money under my control than Bulb’s! I am in the fortunate position of being able to save the difference to help with the increases in the autumn.

The first month’s payment was a bit stressful as Bulb very helpfully decided to try and take the DD 8 days earlier than they notified me the money would be coming out, which my bank equally helpfully refused. The Bulb systems threatened me with a £25 default fine (!) and the customer service was to its usual standard, so no help whatsoever. I am also pretty sure that my extremely fed up email telling Bulb I was charging them £25 for wasting my time didn’t help win me any friends in the customer centre either!

It all came out at the right time, for the right amount eventually, with no late payment fines, but I am still getting “you need to set up payment details” messages, which I am now ignoring.

Aslong as it’s not money lost. I’m happy for it to go towards future bills as a credit system. I just wasn’t happy with a fixed direct debit :slight_smile:

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If you’re on variable DD, you need to ignore any messages asking you to set up a regular monthly DD. Bulb’s system doesn’t like or understand variable DD!!

It’s not lost. When I changed, I had £90 in credit. This was used to clear future bills, etc. My last bit of credit was £35 but my bill was £45. The DD they collected on that occasion was £10.

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I’m also on variable DD. I know how much my average monthly usage is. I put that away each month and during the summer, build up credit for the higher winter bills. It’s the same system as Bulb would like you to adopt, but the difference is that the money is in my account and I control any increases myself.

Well I just cleared the remaining debt of £6 in April. So until this bill came through I was back in £67 debt which I just cleared by “card top up” balance is now £0 . Will be interesting to see what happens in 14 days

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Yeah reason we changed was we didn’t feel comfortable paying £120 fixed . My highest bill this winter was £77 so it didn’t make sense despite the higher units/standing charges

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no it does not understand variabe d. d. wich it should!!!. i paid my bill by variable d.d. and they still took £193 from the previous d.d. set up1. rang my bank and got it back the same day. cannot wait to get away from this bunch of thieves.

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