Shipper migration

Can a member of the Bulb team explain why customers were not informed of the shipper migration & the fact that it stopped any Gas account switches.
Had we been informed, I would not have started a dual fuel switch, via a cashback site which I have now lost due to this issue.
Even worse is the fact that the new supplier can not at present do a gas alone switch (they are working on it)
As a aside train your complaints team (are they oversea’s given the time the replies come in) to actually read any emails sent and answer the points raised. Not simply say sorry & you can try again now it has been completed.
A simple email advising customers would have been easy to do.
One unhappy customer.

Does this help:

While it tells you want is happening. It is the fact that Bulb failed to tell customers about this.
On the website is no good. As you can not expect people to check before starting a switch. As I said a email would have solved the problem…
Still I guess that is a bit simple. And means they keep customers for longer. My issue is compounded by new supplier not having the facility for a gas switch on it’s own. They are working on it.

As they decline the switch it makes it even worse, why could they not simply delay the switch?

Did the new supplier not state this on their website?

No. I only found out when asking them to restart the process.

Which I find odd, but guess most people will not just have a gas supply.

Either way it does not solve the issue that a simple email to customers would have stopped any problems.
Something the complaint handler can not get her head around. Or even comment on.
Basic complaint handling. Respond to customer questions, not simply gloss over them.

Have been happy with Bulb up to this point. now find that, a company that lacks customer communication, also fails where complaints are concerned.

So another email from complaints team. That has failed to read and respond to points raised…

Come on Bulb.

Hey @iooiuk,

I can see you have a complaint raised so I am sure this will be resolved there, but what we offer is compensating the tariff difference between us and your new supplier while the switch is delayed. If you missed out on a joining reward, please do let our complaints team know and that can be taken into consideration too.


If the person dealing with my complaint is a example of your complaints team. Then god help us all in times of need.
I’ve still yet to get a answer to my original complaint. As to why bulb did not advise customers of the change and it’s effect on switching. After 1 month… Just emails ignoring my comments.
Now hyad asked for change of complaint handler.

@iooiuk - sorry if I didn’t answer your questions clearly.

As in most cases the shipper migration update wouldn’t affect accounts in any way or be noticed, we didn’t need to notify members of the process. As it has affected yours, we are of course willing to compensate for this and that can be sorted via our complaints process.


More sense in one post that all the emails from the complaint team.

Sadly I feel that if it is going to affect anyone. It is worth a email to customers. In effect it has blocked my switch.