Shocking Customer Service

What’s wrong with Bulbs customer service, it’s shocking. Not answering messages. Looked into to the issue my parents had once I gave a poor Trustpilot review and said they’d give £50.00 compensation, but never paid it even though they sent email to accept and to close complaint. If there’re behind with answering messages, then does anyone know how far behind please?


No other fellow customers here on this forum know any such information.

Hi @Levante,

I’m really sorry that you had to wait such a long time for a response to your email.

I personally dealt with your complaint myself, but completely in my error, I missed your most recent message in our conversation.

I’ve just added that compensation to your account now - please let me know if there’s anything else that I can do to help.

I have been trying to contact bulb for 8 weeks, 7-8 emails and also via website…sometimes get a holding email saying we will be in touch but nobody has emailed back to help. ANy idea or number to call, not sure what else to do???

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Yes, their customer service is a joy to behold isn’t it? Time to switch supplier methinks


Sent 5 emails over the past 2 weeks and none have been answered. Just used the chat service which was answered after 30 minutes by “Barnaby” who had no concept of the product or customer service.
Seems like the company is on the slippery slope after a good start.


Tried this 3 times now over the last 4-5 weeks, still nothing??

Yep agree, need to sort this problem before the switch unfortunatly…

I would think Emma from Bulb wont mind me doing this cut and paste from her response on Trustpilot 6 hours ago?

We have many plans in motion, such as growing our team significantly, to combat our wait times and improve our overall customer service.

I’m trying to submit my first meter reading today with the app crashing me out every time I’m a little scared about joining now and I had 2 new customers for them what do I do?

They have messed everything up for us from Day 1. They said they would take on our gas, never told us they didn’t transfer the account properly, still charged us, a year later we have a huge debt with British Gas. Bulb don’t take responsibility. They have lots of customer service reps who don’t know what they are doing. Finally, we have said enough and have switched to another provider. Will be writing a full account and review on Trustpilot. Truly shocking and abysmal.

Oh I’m sorry to hear this !! I’ve only got all electric and an economy 7 meter ( which I had to take pics of and send ) as they said it was showing on their system as a 1 meter ( whatever that means ) I’ve got 10 days to submit first reading but you know when u get that feeling?

I don’t understand that a year after you moved from British Gas you find you have a large debt. Between you moving from British Gas until now have you not received any bills from them, when I was with British Gas I used to receive quarterly bills from them?

If I read your comments correctly Bulb have been billing you for gas, are these shown on your statements?

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I came over from Npower on the 31st Dec I was emailed to say that my account was up and running and if I did not have my new top up key I should request one which I did.
16 days later and one ignored email I am without a key. My Npower key has now stopped topping up so I will lose power tonight. Heating is off and essentials only
I have tried calling but not open outside of my 12 hour working day. To say I am peeved is putting it mildly. I have day off tomorrow so hope to speak to someone. But if they can not mail something so simple in two tries I feel doubtful of any help. I am preparing to be with out power for 4 days as I cannot see how they can get it sorted. Npower and many other suppliers can be contacted until 10pm ehy not Bulb?
My freezer is full and I have no one to help me out! I am F##$ing livid

Can understand you being livid But if you can persevere with calls(request callback) or chat, they should be able to give you an eight(8) digit code to change your old Npower key to your new details

This they did when I finally got through. Why on earth could they not do that in reply to my email? Beggars belief

As you have discovered they are not very good at answering emails glad you got it sorted BTW hope you managed to save the freezer contents

I know lots of you on this thread have a few issues with accounts etc, but when did any of you see this sort of honesty in a public reply? As an ex-nPower customer I know what truly shocking service looks like, but you have to think that a company with a culture of being honest, even when things go wrong, has a chance of sorting everything out in the long run.


When bulb came into being their customer service and pricing were second to none, but with rapid expansion and a chronic lack of investment in a strong and stable infrastructure(bulb chose to go down a different path) their C/S and other things have gone up SChitts creek without a paddle. The blame for which lies squarely and unequivocally at the top of the tree.

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