Shocking increase in demanded payment!

I have been with you since March 25th this year and agreed to pay £35.53 a month. You are now saying that I am using average of £80 a month, despite not taking any notice of my meter readings AND photo evidence, because my usage is so low. June’s usage was £21.10, yet you want to increase my payments to £106!!! How can you demand that amount when you know I am not using anywhere near that amount. I sent you an angry email that I have had no response to and my main worry is that you take this amount and I will not be able to pay any other bills, let alone feed myself.
I have no TV, no washing machine, no cooker, or microwave. I have a 2 plate hob that I use maybe twice a week; use the kettle half a dozen times a week, run a fridge and freezer and put my immersion heater on for an hour during the Economy 7 cycle.

I have am on Universal Credit and am at my wits’ end at how I am going to cope. I thought by switching to Bulb I was getting a deal…seems I have and it’s a bad one.

Gutted of Warwickshire


This is a customer based forum so you are unlikely to get much help form Bulb here.
I would suggest phoning them on the number provided on the Help page as they are best placed to assist you.

If definitely a very low user then I wouldn’t get too concerned. Bulbs estimates could be based on the national data base figures.
Do you have an old bill from previous supplier so that you can compare kWh consumption, this would confirm if you are using more kWh or not.

As tdbegley has suggested its best you contact them direct either phone or live chat (Mon-Fri) Emails have been taking longer of late to get a response.

Thanks for your responses and yes you are right…I am in the wrong place! Will have to call them on Monday morning…

If you know how to work out your readings and convert to kWh (formula is on your Bill) then you can check to see what the cost should be and adjust your dd to suit and keep it in line with actual usage.

Thats what I would do if you have provided evidence and they have not responded.

Yes I have Scudo, thank you and I am angry that they are insisting on taking the payment, which I cannot afford. My projections for the winter will still be well under Bulb’s estimates and I guess my main gripe is that I would prefer that money remain in my account. Hey ho…here we go…

Are you submitting your meter readings via your online account or just emailing them to Bulb?

If you submit them online every month, a couple of days before your payment date, then your actual readings should be used in your bills.