Shockingly Unbelievable service

Well I’ve gone from £1586 in credit, to £-121 because it’s taken you nearly 2 yrs to sort your crap out… Smart meters are rubbish never worked well since fitted, I can see why as a company you have failed… Shocking service. I should of stayed at coop energy

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Hi @Yellowmini :wave:,

I am sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with the billing.

I can see you have been in touch with us over email about this and a complaint was raised. I can also see we came to a resolution with you and so the complaint has now been closed.

If you had any further questions about this then please let me know,

– KT :bulb:

I’m having nothing but problems. Since August last year they keep swapping my readings and trying to tell me its me doing it wrong even tho I cannot put a 1000 meter reading onto a 2000 meter reading. And not they trying to say cause of nothing but problems and them keep estimating my bills alot higher I’m not over 2 grand in debt.

Good luck Danielle, I had nothing but problems for years… Not billing correctly, not taking money from direct debts, first issue I reported through the governing body… highly recommend you do the same, you can see why they failed as a business.

Hi @daniellebassford1992

I’m sorry for the delay on getting back to you.

I can see there were a few readings on your account that were the wrong way round (transposed) which I have corrected.

I also checked over your billing, to confirm the statements on the account are correct but the debit looks to have built up as your payments and usage have not aligned.

I’m conscious we can’t discuss your payments on here, so I’ve sent over an email to you so we can discuss this further