Should I switch???

Due an increase of £11.80 per month! Unsure whether to jump ship or not.

I don’t think any of the utility companies will escape price rises, to be fair to Bulb they have given advance warning unlike other companies. I think by the end of the year most if not all companies will have increased their prices. You could go for a fixed price tariff but then if prices come down you are stuck with it.

Hi there @Toptail as @scudo says lots of suppliers are upping their prices atm, since wholesale prices are rising so rapidly. It’s your choice though, of course, and you know your own situation best. We’re totally in favour of people looking around and carefully considering their best options for energy supply-if for you that means switching away, then we’ll be sorry to see you go and we’ll hope that you keep us in mind when wholesale prices start going down or if everyone else’s prices go up too. And of course it is worth remembering that a fixed price will mean you won’t get to take advantage if prices fall, as @scudo says