Should it really be costing me £910 pa to heat a 1 bedroom flat?

My electricity costs are eyewatering in winter. I’m only in a one bedroom flat, but I had to top up £140 in January. Over the last 12 months I’ve topped up £910 altogether! I had Economy 7 Storage Heaters put in (at huge expense) in December, but if anything, it’s costing me more (although the flat is warm enough to live in now, thank goodness). I’m on a pre-pay key meter.

Mine are the same. I’m in a small 1 bed flat & Bulb have just said that my bill will be going up to £170 per month! I hardly ever have the heating on & have candles lit at night so the lights aren’t on. I really don’t understand it or where the costs are coming from. I send in my meter readings monthly but the amount has over doubled over the past year. It just doesn’t seem right.

Hi Claire make sure you have a 2 meter so you are in the cheap rate at night economy 7 I had 2 new storage heaters too mine are expensive based on algorithms all sorts my bill was 117 for jan for 1 month I’m in a tiny 1 bed studio flat

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Hi Loopylou05 - That doesn’t sound right at all!! The lights shouldn’t cost too much, but electric heating is expensive - but if you hardly have it on, and it’s still getting on for double what mine is (which is bad enough!). I can’t see how that can possibly be right!

They’re so expensive, aren’t they? What type do you have? Mine are Dimplex Quantum. When they’re working they’re great - sometimes too warm - but sometimes mine fail completely! Really hard to control!

I know I really can’t understand it! I’m cold all the time because I’m too scared to put the heating on much because if I had it on a lot I dread to think how much it would cost!

Hi mine are dimplex quantum quite large I have 2 and you have to charge up otherwise no heat in day my one in bedroom I’ve switched off a few mildish nights I have to switch at wall both switches they in total are costing at least 2.50 a night to charge up the night rate is 9.8p @ kw day rate is 17.8 so u must make sure you are on that 2 meter