Should the gas reading on my smart meter be the same as on my statement?

I’m a bit worried that since my smart meter was installed that I am being undercharged for gas. For example, in my most recent statement it says that my meter count went from 24 to 25 resulting in a monthly gas bill of just over £6. But when I look at the actual meter, the reading says 35. Should they be the same? I’ve had my gas central heating on for most of the month and 6 quid seems remarkably low…thanks.

That’s a new one! Yes, your reading is wrong. Assuming you have a modern meter, then you’re showing 11kwh of gas consumed in a month!
Your problem is you can’t manually submit meter readings to bulb, online chat doesn’t work etc. Try emailing them to get it sorted, but in the meantime, allow for about 40p per unit consumed.

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