Show last meter reading

It’s confusing not being able to see your last meter reading when submitting a meter reading as you don’t know if what you just submitted was taken or not. Even if it just says pending or something that would be helpful. I noticed afterwards the reading show up on the usage page, but I think it would be helpful to print them on the submit reading page as well.

Also if you submit your electricity reading the notification comes up saying you’ve submitted your electricity reading, if you don’t close that notification and submit your gas reading the notification still says you’ve submitted your electricity reading. The notifications should either stack or the electricity notification should be replaced by the gas notification as that was the last action you took.

Just little things to make the UX a bit better.


Hi @jords Once we’ve had the first reading from you, next time you go on to your account the previous reading you’ve given us will show up as ‘previous reading’ just above the bit where you submit a new one, we found it helpful too! Excellent shout on the notification thing, I’ll pass that over to the tech team, thanks :slight_smile:

Ah okay. I guess there is a delay for processing or something, as when I went back to the page after submitting it didn’t show up - it is now. Anything to make it more instant, or even something saying we are processing your reading would be good. Thanks